Professional Home Staging- SUCCESS!

I like to think that I have a good feel for what buyers are thinking as they enter a home, and I’m not afraid to tell my sellers when I think there’s a “problem” that may turn some buyers off. Empty houses can sometimes be a challenge because often they look cold, stale, and ….well…..empty.   Not all of them…. I have had a few empty … Continue reading Professional Home Staging- SUCCESS!

Service Recommendation: Home Advisor

Thinking about a home renovation or remodeling project but don’t know where to start?  Home Advisor is a free service that provides not only general ‘home improvement’ information, but also can connect you with service professionals in your area. We’ve been using them for years and it’s the first site I go to when I’m planning a new project or need to get estimates for … Continue reading Service Recommendation: Home Advisor

SOLD! My Buyers’ Journey…

Yasmeen and Rabie started their home search like most first time home buyers- browsing listings online. I was a RE/MAX agent at the time and Yasmeen was using as one of her home search sites, and she began saving homes to her profile.  Every time she saved a home, I would receive an alert on my phone with the property she was interested in, … Continue reading SOLD! My Buyers’ Journey…

Who I meet….. “Palette Life”

A couple weekends ago I co-hosted an Open House in Sherwood and met a woman who makes custom oil paintings for people- of things they love.  In this particular case, it was a portrait of a family pet. I thought that was an amazing gift idea- or way to memorialize a lost pet, perhaps. I was impressed with her work so asked her more about … Continue reading Who I meet….. “Palette Life”