How’s the Market? October 2018

While no one can predict the future with certainty, we can certainly use history as an indicator of what to expect for the future. Most experts are saying we will see modest growth in the U.S. housing market for the remainder of this year and next. Inventory will remain tight, mortgage rates will continue to creep up, and affordability will remain a major issue in … Continue reading How’s the Market? October 2018

Multiple offers received and all above list price….

I love the rush of receiving multiple offers on a home! I also love the challenge of determining the appropriate listing price- one that will attract the most buyers, one that feels like a ‘good value’ to not just the buyers, but also feels like a good sales price to the sellers.  The last thing a seller wants to do is “give their home away”….and … Continue reading Multiple offers received and all above list price….

Freddie Mac: Rising Mortgage Rates DO NOT Lead to Falling Home Prices

Recently, Freddie Mac published an Insight Report titled Nowhere to go but up? How increasing mortgage rates could affect housing. The report focused on the impact the projected rise in mortgage rates might have on the housing market this year. Many believe that an increase in mortgage rates will cause a slowdown in purchases which would, in turn, lead to a fall in house values. Ultimately, however, prices are determined … Continue reading Freddie Mac: Rising Mortgage Rates DO NOT Lead to Falling Home Prices

Real Estate 2018: What to Expect

As we head into a new year, the most common question we hear is, “What’s the outlook for real estate in 2018?” It’s not just potential buyers and sellers who are curious; homeowners also want reassurance their home’s value is going up. The good news is that a strong U.S. economy, coupled with low unemployment rates, is expected to drive continued real estate growth in … Continue reading Real Estate 2018: What to Expect

How’s the Housing Market?

One question that is always asked…. “How’s the Housing Market”? I subscribe to Altos Reports, which tracks real-time data for the most up to date (and historical) information relating to specific areas and zipcodes.  The following snapshots are of “Beaverton, Oregon” as an area….. and if you click on the link at the end of this post, it will take you to the full report … Continue reading How’s the Housing Market?

Does YOUR HOME have one of these top 6 OUTDATED features?

Home buyers say they want the latest design trends in their next property—but according to a new consumer survey by home builder Taylor Morrison, nearly 70% admit to having outdated features in their current house. The most common of these outdated features are: Linoleum floors (40%) Popcorn ceilings (29%) Wood paneling (28%) Ceramic tile countertops (28%) Shag carpeting (19%) Avocado green appliances (8%) Hold up!  … Continue reading Does YOUR HOME have one of these top 6 OUTDATED features?


Some the features that increase property values are obvious-like a remodeled bathroom, a modern kitchen, or a sought-after neighborhood. But here are a few features and circumstances you have not have realized can affect property values. The neighbors: Not every neighborhood or community has an HOA that can keep the neighbors from going overboard with decorations or neglecting to care for their home. Homes adjacent … Continue reading WHAT AFFECTS PROPERTY VALUES?