About Me

Drive. Dedication. Delivery. 

I’m often asked why I decided to become a real estate agent… and the answer  I give provides a lot of insight on how I run my business:

I decided to become a real estate agent after having a less than stellar experience buying my childhood home many years ago.  The whole process started out on the wrong foot because I called the wrong agent. I ended up with a different agent, but she didn’t provide the level of service that I needed. And then the purchase started going sideways due to actions by the seller and by the listing agent, and as a result, it took us nearly 18 months to finally close!

At that time, I had three school-aged children, I was holding a full-time job (not this one), and the whole thing was a very stressful situation.  I didn’t know what to expect throughout the transaction, or where we were in the process, or who to contact when something didn’t seem right, and I decided then and there that I wanted to make sure nobody else ever felt that way when they were buying (or selling) a house.

I am dedicated to providing my clients the best possible service and I’m proud to be a 5-star Agent!  My high level of commitment and client care has helped me build a remarkable track record of delivering results.

In today’s hot market, I’ve been able to negotiate great prices for my buyers, getting their offer accepted on the home they wanted most.  For sellers, I have an aggressive marketing strategy and go the extra mile to continually keep their home in front of potential buyers.

And for those not quite ready to buy or sell? I offer consulting services to help guide you towards your goal.  It’s never too early to start the process and  “Be in the Know!”

Although my home market is Beaverton/Aloha, where I grew up and currently live, I serve the entire Portland Metropolitan area.   I feel that having the right real estate agent means having an agent who is committed to you, someone who takes the time to understand the market in your specific neighborhood and who understands your unique needs and ultimate goal.

I work to make the entire process as easy and streamlined as possible and reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with Real Estate transactions.  I promise to keep you informed every step of the way and I will respond to your calls and emails quickly.

Working together, we can deliver!