LISTING TIP: How Complete Is the Listing Data?

It’s so frustrating when I’m working as a buyer’s agent, and I’m looking at a listing in the RMLS and many of the fields are left blank.

The other frustration is the lack of ‘commentary’ provided.  While the RMLS does limit the number of characters we can use to describe the home, I do my best to utilize every last one.

Beyond the description, there are many boxes on the listing form that should be filled out. Some of this data transfers over to the consumer websites, so the more complete it is, the better. 

WHAT SETS ME APART?  I take the time to expand the description so it’s interesting to read and drives more interest to your home.  I also make sure every box is filled in and every detail laid out.  Additionally, although Zillow and get their information directly from the RMLS, I log into those sites to not only  make sure all the data transferred properly, I also expand what is written to make complete sentences and add more features.

As a Listing Agent I want everyone who sees your listing to see a complete listing with every box filled in and every detail laid out.

When I list a home for sale, I leave no questions unanswered.



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