Ask for examples!

First impressions matter!  When listing your home, you really only have 1 shot to grab interest from buyers….so be very aware of how your agent plans to market your home.

I ALWAYS provide my sellers with a link to the PROFESSIONAL photographs that were taken, so they can see how their home will look online.  And when I have used virtual staging, this is how the photos turned out:



This morning, another agent from across the country shared some listing photos that she ran across and I was absolutely STUNNED that a home seller would allow their agent to market their home this way.

It all started out fairly normal- the agent choosing to use his/her cell phone to take pictures (instead of hiring a professional), and trying to showcase certain features.

….like this spacious 2-story entry….


Or this family room space at the back of the house….


Not the best first impression, but it’s not horrible.  I see photos like this all the time.  But then it gets weird.

I really like this kitchen…. and the photo is pretty on point!


But I would have asked the sellers to remove the colorful balloon bundle from over the kitchen counter as it is quite distracting and becomes the focus of the picture, instead of the home itself.

As evidenced in this next photo…


There were several more photos of this same area, all with the bright blue globes distracting from the focus.  But that’s not the point of this….

The rest of the house must have been vacant, because the agent decided to use some “virtual staging”:




I can’t help but wonder…. did the seller approve these photos?  Do they know this is how their agent is marketing their home?

You only have one chance to make a first impression.  Imagine that home with professional photography- vibrant clarity with bright lighting, wide lenses to capture more of the room- I bet the home would get a lot more showings and have a lot more interest from buyers.

Moral of the story-  know what you are paying for when you hire an agent to sell your home.

  1. ALWAYS ask for examples of previous listings, you can usually look them up on Zillow and see the marketing that was used.
  2. Before your listing goes live, ask to see the photos that will be used.
  3. After your listing goes live, pull it up on Zillow or Redfin and see what it looks like….and if you don’t like something- you have the power and right to let your agent know and ask them to fix it!

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