The Brady Bunch House…. did you know?

So the Brady Bunch house is up for sale…..  here’s how we all remember it, right?


Of course it’s going to look different now, and I was just as excited as the next Brady Bunch fan to get a good look at it….

Here’s how it looks today:


(photo credit: main photo on the official listing site of Douglas Elliman)

Still very “Brady Bunch” so I was super excited to see the inside- and this is where disappointment hit me like a ton of bricks….

I didn’t know this until today- this home was only used for the exterior shots at the start and end of the show (credits) and not actually used in the show itself.

Yep- the whole show is filmed on a set and the interior of the real home is completely different than the set-home used for the interior shots- like COMPLETELY different!

The window seen at the top left of the original house….is FAKE!  It was added by the set people to make the home look more like a 2 story home.  They just built it onto the house, took their exterior shots, then took it back down.

All the exterior shots and footage of the home were taken before the show ever debuted.

So yeah, there was a fake house built for the ‘walking through the front door’ and ‘hanging out in the backyard’ shots…as is the case with most sitcoms and movies, but I was really shocked to learn that the interior of the Brady Bunch set home had NOTHING to do with this actual home.

I mean, think about it- in the show, they walk through the front door, through the living room and head slightly right to take the staircase up to their bedrooms.  A long 2-story staircase (not a split level). AND at the top of the staircase- you turn right- down the hallway to all the bedrooms, right?

So this house has a split-level on the left of the entry….so……..  kinda funny, isn’t it?  Or disappointing depending on how big of a Brady Bunch fan you are, or were.

Anyway, there’s rumors that an offer has been accepted on the home, or is at least in negotiations, but that’s just a rumor.   Actually, I thought this home had gone on the market many months ago- because I had seen something about it previously, but never really LOOKED at it until today….when I learned all these fun tidbits.

It is still a definite 1970’s throwback home as you’ll see in the listing photos…


And here’s a link to the listing on Zillow: click here

I hope you enjoyed today’s “fun facts” and a stroll down memory lane!






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