Does YOUR HOME have one of these top 6 OUTDATED features?

Home buyers say they want the latest design trends in their next property—but according to a new consumer survey by home builder Taylor Morrison, nearly 70% admit to having outdated features in their current house.

The most common of these outdated features are:

Linoleum floors (40%)
Popcorn ceilings (29%)
Wood paneling (28%)
Ceramic tile countertops (28%)
Shag carpeting (19%)
Avocado green appliances (8%)

Hold up!  Shag carpeting sort of made a comeback about 10 years ago, but it was called “frieze” carpeting and it is still popular today…..but color and texture/style DO make a difference.  So 40+ year old shag carpet- NO.  Modern shag carpet- it’s OK!

And avocado green appliances?  I haven’t seen those in a long time!

However, I do still run across blue/turqouise bathtubs and sinks, and occasionally BLACK bathroom fixtures.

And I see tons of linoleum, popcorn ceilings, ceramic tile countertops….and even worse in a buyer’s mind- aluminum windows!!

So what are buyers looking for?

Taylor Morrison Chair and CEO Sheryl Palmer says “We all love to daydream and envision ourselves in a beautiful new environment. But keeping up with ever-evolving preferences for paint colors, home features, new technologies, and how we expect to use our homes over the years is difficult. We also know that home interior preferences vary by generation, by home style, by region, and even by city.”

Taylor Morrison found that the features home buyers say they most desire are:

Better energy efficiency (62%)  – that’s where newer windows come in!
Personalized floor plans (58%)
Easier maintenance (56%)

Also, the interior features home shoppers called most essential are:

Wood flooring (65%)
USB and Ethernet ports (44%)
Whirlpool tub (36%)
Sun room (34%)


Want to know what the newest home trends are?  Check out the model homes in new developments or preview new construction homes online!

[Reposted from RealtorMag’s Daily Real Estate News. Source: “Home Is Where the Shag Carpet Is?” BUILDER (Nov. 16, 2017)]

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